RENATA is known as “the Swiss power source,” and is a company of The SWATCH Group

SWATCH is a multibillion-dollar watch and microelectronics company, with divisions that produce crystals, ASICs, automotive components, and more. RENATA is recognized worldwide as a leading producer of high quality button and coin cells for electronic applications such as: medical, RFID, security, computers, automotive, meters, and a growing variety of handheld devices.
RENATA’s knowledgeable sales representatives and distributors are available to assist you with your design projects throughout North America. A wide range of high tech micro batteries and other products are available from a substantial stock centrally located in Dallas, Texas, RENATA’s North American Headquarters offices, including: 3V Lithium coin cell primary batteries, Silver Oxide, Alkaline and Zinc-Air button, horizontal and vertical mount Tabbed Lithium Batteries, Power Modules, Lithium Polymer secondary (rechargeable) batteries, as well as Surface Mount, Through-Hole, Horizontal and Vertical mount battery holders.

RENATA’s range of almost 50 different types of tabbed batteries offers a wide variety of Printed Circuit Board mounting possibilities. The solder area of all tags is solder-plated throughout, guaranteeing optimal PCB solder connections. In addition to our standard program, RENATA can provide custom-tabbed versions in a wide range of variations.

To place orders, request samples or quotes for OEM Electronic industry, please contact:

Sharon RossiDirector Sales & Mktg.
972-234-8091, x110
c: 972-900-3008

Bill MorrowSales
972-234-8091, x118
c: 214-515-8316